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Main Station

Flip Flop Hostel – Station is our first hostel project. In 2013, we cooperated with Andy Yen, a well-known Taiwanese artist, to light up the Taipei Rear Station with vivid wall paintings. Since then, we have been greeting travelers all over the world and becoming everyone’s home in Taipei.


In 2018, we started “Artcommodation”, an artist-in-residence project, invited artists from over ten countries, and created artworks in rooms to express their experience and feelings about Taiwan. Every room has its own story, come and start out journey by reading the works and exploring Taiwan with us!

Flip Flop Hostel


Built in 1970, the building which houses our FFH Garden (Chang’an 122) hostel has been used as a trading house for various businesses for decades,

and features an open air courtyard within the premises.


Teaming up with the new generation of local architects and designers, Flip Flop Hostel has renovated the original building to allow an old house to tell a new story.


Entering the hostel, you will be pleasantly surprised by peace and quiet. Cool and calm, here you can escape from the noise of the busy city streets. Relax and get comfortable, this place is a safe haven for all travelers. Share your stories, meet new friends and discover the world as seen by others.

Flip Flop Hostel


The house is located at the end of the Old Street, away from the bustling life, we live in the tranquil community with centennial buildings. In our house, the original stone walls and antique furniture remain from the golden age, along with the good old memories and modern designs in our house.


At night, we take a walk with guests, talking stories of this mountain town, stepping into the mining scenes yesterday and the prosperous streets today.


Setting off from the fast-paced city, you can enjoy poetic light and shade during the day, in the sunshine in the rain. Spend the night together,

traveling the world with tea, wine, and everyone in the house.

長安館(Garden)+886-2-25585050 (9:00~00:30)
九份館(Jiufen)  +886-905570688  (9:30~19:00)

花蓮館(Hualien) +886-978225433 (10:00~19:00)

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