Flip Flop Hostel

Main Station

Flip Flop is an attitude

Put on a pair of flip-flops at any time and the whole world is at your feet. After mountain hikes to beach strolls, take them off and rest your feet like you would at home.


Flip-flops are not just flip-flops; they could be slip-ons, sandals, running shoes, or any shoes. Flip-flops is a life-style.

Leave behind all your worries and travel carefree on this and every journey. Experience the world with simple flip-flops and backpacks and share the joys with our community.

This place is worth every penny, great amenities, security, comfort and IDEAL location . Right next to main station, and a local night market as well. All staff were friendly and welcoming. Especially Sarah, the sweet French lady who went out of her way to make sure everyone in the hostel had a great time by hosting game nights and having a plethora of information in regards to what, where and when to see, do and eat ! Highly recommend!